The rate at which the tech world is growing means there will be, inevitably, more attacks on critical data and that is a problem especially for growing countries like SA. Most businesses do not have the necessary skillset to avoid such ransomware/malware attacks on mission-critical information.

Do you have a Information Security policy or Disaster Recovery plan?

Partnering with infinIT Technology Solutions will give you the edge you require when it comes to information security. We will help you come up with an effective information security policy. Having a clear information security policy is a key part in a strong overall information security strategy. We will assist you highlight basic procedures and expectation for your employees with regards to their conduct online.

If your employees get remote access to your servers, thats the more reason you need infinIT Technology Solutions as your information security partner. Our highly trained staff will work with you to develop a customised plan that keeps your network secure while giving your employees the resources they need.

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