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Service Level Agreement, Friend or Foe?

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Service Level Agreement, Friend or Foe?


Most corporates struggle with making their IT work for them in the right way. They tend to experience loads of downtime, faulty equipment, hours of trying to get their IT to work and thousands of Rands to fix the problems. Its true prevention is better than cure and that statement also applies to IT in its most simplest form!

Getting an SLA(Service Level Agreement) or a Managed IT Service Provider can help you navigate and avoid IT’s “evils”. Not only does the service provider bring a wealth of experience in the IT field, they also come with loads of useful advise that can ultimately transform the way your organisation uses IT and effectively increase your productivity. Here are some of the having an SLA:

  • Increased productivity due to minimising critical failures and resolving problems faster
  • Maximise business continuity: proactive monitoring and alerting allow for the resolution of issues prior to failure
  • Proactive maintenance keeps your infrastructure operating optimally and reduces emergency incidents
  • Continual monitoring tracks whether your critical network devices are functioning optimally and helps to solve problems before they impact your business negatively
  • Scheduled preventative maintenance keeps your servers, devices and other key infrastructure updated and secure Server management provides an effective solution for managing physical and virtual servers
  • Patch management helps to control and continuously update the security and system patches on your servers and devices for optimal performance and security
  • Security management with best-in-class security, Antivirus and Anti-Spam solutions
  • Optimise infrastructure performance by analysing trends to identify performance issues and upgrade requirements
  • Inventory and asset management provides automated, comprehensive tracking, reporting and control of all hardware and software within your environment
  • Software Asset Management (SAM) manages and removes all your software risks, while improving the maturity of your software environment
  • Remote control service allows for remote access and management of all computers in the network with a complete audit trail
  • Service desk provides service for extensive and efficient operation of incident management and the IT life cycle

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